Importent Announcement for reCAPTCHA now on your SuperSite

As a security measure, we will be making changes to your SuperSite by introducing the process of reCAPTCHA . It would not only prevent abuse and spam for your websites, but also help you identify that a computer user is a human.

How will this be implemented?

The following files on your SuperSite will be impacted:

  • ui/supersite/en/templates/products/domain/whois/domain_whois/domain_whois_form.html
  • ui/supersite/en/templates/support/contact.html
  • ui/supersite/en/templates/products/domain/whois/domain_whois/domain_whois.html

We will be introducing reCAPTCHA for these files on 30th July 2018, post which any attempt to submit a form without a valid reCAPTCHA will be blocked.

What you need to do?

If you have made modifications to these SuperSite files, we request you to:

  1. Manually add <#tag:recaptcha_code /#> to your code,
  2. Restore these files back to the original version. However, this will lead to the loss of any customization on your SuperSite as a result of the changes you have made to these files.

In case none of these files have been modified, these changes will be automatically updated for your SuperSite at our end.

IMPORTANT: Without making these changes, the reCAPTCHA will not work and forms will not get submitted. We urge you to make these changes within the date mentioned above.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts regarding this email.